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The 4th Dot in a suit with a beehive head

About Me.

The 4th Dot is a multimedia artist that has been having fun and experimenting with creative expression for over a decade. I pride myself on the ability to switch directions, switch mediums, and find a personal form prospering with each endeavor. There is a supernatural spark within us that can be harnessed and it all depends on the approach and intensity of your intended focus.

Clay, Wood, Metal, Ink, Paint, Guitar, Photography, Spoon Carving, Website Building, Bow Shooting, Teaching, Demolition, Writer, Farming, Lobster Fishing, Coach, Data Entry, Real Estate, Consulting, Illustration, Logo-Product Design, Personal Brand Development and more.


The 4th Dot is curious about learning, new experiences, and is always excited about what is next. 

Seatle Watefall Smile

Life Timeline 1990-Present

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Tree Fort

Digging holes


The 4th Dot 

Becomes a Concept



Sculpture, Painting

Love, Drugs


Furniture, Gardening




Ceramic Blue and Green Tower Teapots fired in a salt/soda kiln
Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Variety Wall Art
Holding a Book
Bicycle Girl Traveling Cartoon with Text


You Must Create,

You Must Try New

You Must Keep Musting!

I'm ready for anything.

Blue Painting Abstract face with Fun random chaos

Future & Current Projects

Publish Novel(s)

I have been working on multiple books for years, right around the corner, and they will be on shelves and ready for purchase.


Lately I have been working with the Portland Media center to create group content and some solo content that will be posted on a YouTube Channel.


I have dozens of songs written and composed. I am looking to get them recorded and shared with the rest of the world if i could just get the nerve.

Website Building

I have been working with other art and non-art related professionals to build websites. Reach out to me and maybe I can help build you one.


Who is The 4th Dot?

The 4th Dot is an artist, writer, and multi-media brand.

Art, Sculpture, Painting.

What is The 4th Dot?

The 4th Dot is a mindset, a lifestyle, or an approach to the task at hand.

Drawing, Illustration, Metal.

Where is The 4th Dot?

The 4th Dot currently resides in Portland.

Wood, Spoons, Furniture.

When is The 4th Dot?

The 4th Dot exists in the 21st century but isn't limited to the mindset of a 21st-century citizen. Expanding your mind to a simpler past will help you with empathy now.

Mixed-Media, Stone, Ceramic.

How is The 4th Dot doing?

The 4th Dot is struggling, thriving, exploring, and blogging.

Guitar, and Musings.

Why is The 4th Dot?

Why wouldn't the 4th Dot exist?

Anyone can be the 4th Dot.

If you want to contribute, feel free to reach out.


The internet is a big ocean. I am merely a bottom dweller with high hopes.


Perhaps you can piggyback on my journey and we thrive together.

4TH Dot Variety.png

I am the 4th Dot
and so can you!

I enjoy building strong relationships.

I want to collaborate with small and big businesses.

Perhaps I can help you.

Perhaps you can help me.

Site is Open for Submissions or

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