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Updated: May 5

Why do the TV and Movie people never portray him correctly?

Swamp Thing is the Hero you didn't know you loved.

Swamp Thing is a God.

Thee God.

If you don't have a God yet, and are looking?

I suggest choosing

The Avatar of the Green

Get your environmental-loving-butt on the Green Train!

Is he better than the Lorax?

He's a member of the Parliament of Tress?

Is he cooler than the Lorax?

Up for debate?

Is he stronger than the Lorax?

10,000 times Yes.




DC needs to stop,

& Swamp-Think!

He is NOT the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

What should Swamp Thing be doing in the movies?

~Guiding Ben Affleck like Gandolph.

~Making jokes underwater with Mamoa.

~Tripping Ezra Miller with roots for fun.

~Giving Gale Gadot flowers because he is a gentleman.

He should be DC's 6th man off the bench.

Corrupted, then Reborn like a phoenix.

He isn't a man.

Isn't a woman.

He isn't really a Thing.

He is a Green God.

Is DC too scared to take chances and present him anywhere but in swampy shadows? Do they think that fans and average audiences can't imagine Swamp Thing on a set that is well lit? Covered in flowers?

Why are studios beating Swamp Thing's origin story like a dead horse?

Studios have burned too much time and money remixing the same origin story-style plot. Enough is enough. If DC wants to finally make money off of this incredible character, it must stop downplaying the power of Swamp Thing on film. He is immortal. He is all-powerful. In the later comics (volumes 5-6) there are cities and a modern American setting at times.

Batman! Superman! Aquaman! Wonder Woman! Flash!

Why is DC misbranding Swamp Thing

as just a shadowy, wet, enemy to man?

Don't burn the comics of old. Rather, film Swampy shoulder to shoulder with other characters in the universe and use the comics of old as flashbacks if necessary.

Constantly portraying him in murky dull tones is a nearly impossible endeavor, and seems to always produce murky profits. Swamp thing should not be filmed like The Road. Incredible film, but Visual Unappetizing. They need to head in an Annihilation and Avatar direction.

Making Swamp Thing the arch character is not going to captivate audiences or readers.

When is someone going to show us the galaxy like it's an ayahuasca ceremony?

DC must push toward a version of Swamp Thing the marionettist.

Cameo persona draped in beautiful cinematic integration.

Swamp Thing l Swamp Thinking

Swamp Thought l Swamp Thunk

Swamp Trunk l Swamp Tank

Swamp Tag l Swamp Tea

Swamp Taco l Swamp Team

Swamp Tech l Swamp Terror

Swamp Tape l Swamp Taking

Swamp Thirst l Swamp Tub

Swamp Tango l Swamp Truffles

Swamp Tartar l Swamp Trailer

Swamp Turtle l Swamp Tulips

Swamp Thought l Swamp Time!


If you want to be a good parent. Make them read Swamp Thing as well as the Lorax.

Swamp Thing comics are filled with big words that need a second check.

The amount of variety can not be understated.

"Sadly, people belittle My God."

- The 4th Dot

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

What is the internet?

I don't know.

But I created, and I shared.

Thus, I have contributed?


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