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Updated: May 5

This South American fruit from Brazil and Paraguay is a delicious crowd favorite, but has the most interesting history and health benefits that bring it to the top of the food charts.

Fruit of the Rich

​The pineapple was discovered in the Caribbean in the 1490s by European explorers, notably Christopher Columbus. He was the person who brought it back to Europe. This new fruit was tasted for the first time by explores and was instantly beloved and demanded. Because of the scarcity and difficulty it in a European environment is impossible, the fruit was synonymous with riches and elegance. If you wanted to eat pineapple back in the day, you would need to be a guest at royal banquet or be wealthier than the devil. Now... it is one of the cheapest fruits pound per pound. Funny how things change.

Fruit Art & Fruit Architecture

The pineapple became so popular with the wealthy, that artist started to use it in almost every for of expression. Painters begun to use this delicious treat in colonial American motifs over and over again. You also may have never noticed buildings with pineapples. Next time you are walking by churches or prominent buildings, you might be lucky enough to notice golden pineapple sculptures/finials on top, gateposts, doorways, and the stone work itself was built and carved to mimic the fruit's structure. This trend has not stopped today because you can find pineapples on t-shirts, phone cases, bed sheets, and incorporated into company logos.

Pineapples Eat You

Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in pineapples. This fascinating substance breaks down proteins and works wonders to tenderize meat. What is your mouth made of? Ever wonder why you can have a burning or a small tingling feeling in your mouth while slurping on this delicious jungle plant? Bromelain is essentially biting you back. The enzyme are attempting to break down the proteins in your mouth. But, once these enzyme reach your belly, the acids stop this process from happening. The acidity has much more affect while you chew, and doesn't affect your digestion in a dangerous way thankfully.

Digestive Gold

If you are feeling down, you need to go buy a pineapple and treat your body well. The vitamin C, fiber, and potassium content in pineapples promotes heart health. It is hard to argue against how this low calorie fruit is packed with vitamins like C, A, B1, and even folic acid. This combination of health benefits will support the growth of new cells in your body. Some of the most overlooked components is pineapple's high antioxidant properties that boost immunity, they strengthen your teeth, improve your soft tissues, and help your bones. Dare I say that pineapples are a superfood?

Anti Cancer?

According to studies, pineapples help reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Lowering the risk of malignancies that are connected to cancer is exactly what your digestive system is craving. [Sources: 1, 2] The bromelain presence is found to be chemoprotective, antiproliferative, and proapoptotic (causing cell death) effects in colorectal cancer. Do you have breats? Well this miracle fruit can amplify breast cancer cell death and goes a step farther to even inhibit cancer cell development. [test tube research sources: 1, 2] Multiple promising investigations on mesothelioma, gastrointestinal malignancies have shown that white blood cell production can go up. More of this is always good. The health advantages of pineapples are still being researched today, and as usual, you should speak with a doctor before injecting yourself with delicious pineapple nectar.


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Get out there and try a new one!

Pineapples By the Numbers

83 calories

1.7 grams of fat

1 gram of protein

21.6 grams of carbs

2.3 grams of fiber

88% of the Daily Value for vitamin C

109% of the DV for manganese

11% of the DV for vitamin B6

20% of the DV is copper.

11% of the DV for thiamine

7% of the DV for folate

4% of the DV for potassium

5% of the DV for magnesium

5% of the DV for niacin

7% of the DV for pantothenic acid

4% of the DV for riboflavin

3% of the DV is iron.

Helps Digestion.

Skin Healing.

Relieves Arthritis.

Weight Loss.

Workout Recovery.

Fights Inflammation.

You cannot deny that pineapples should most likely be considered a super food. The benefits are endless and luckily today they are relatively cheap. When you go to buy one in the future, make sure you smell the bottom. If it smells sweet, that is good. If it has a sticky bottom, even better. You want this juicy fruit to be sweating its goodness through its thick hide. GO BUY ONE ALREADY!

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