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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Today, it is important to have an approach to life. Success, a stable future, and more importantly your happiness depend on a good approach. May this guide help you like it has helped me.

JFK said, "Ask not what...". His historic speech should become your new mindset. No more herding your sheeple-self through a world that is semi in your control.

If you want to win, start doing These five things.

1. Make Bed. Breathe. Stretch. Water

These are the perfect four. The order can change, but all must be done in the first ten minutes of waking up. This is how you start this Year, this Month, this Week, this Day, or Tomorrow. Once you get these four steps engraved into your bloodstream, it will change the way you live the rest of your day. Make this your minimal daily passive behavior. Breathe. Boot up your computer the correct way or pay the consequences. Breathe. Your brain and body need oxygen to function at their optimal level. Breathe.

2. Start a Website or Side Business

If you are awake, you cost money. $

You eat. $ You drink. $

You consume energy. $

You have a roof that costs you money. $

Existing x Time = A Large Bill.

What is the internet? It is difficult to comprehend. Some use it to do good. People Troll. People Lurk. People Sell. People Contribute. People Help. While others live in the comments section. The internet is a jungle that can make you money. Need ideas? You can post videos of eating food on YouTube and get ad revenue from weird viewership. You can go on Facebook Marketplace, buy a piece of furniture, clean it up, take a better photo and sell it for more than you paid. Learn to code and start simple with There are a million online businesses out there. All you need is an idea and simply build upon it as often as you can. Who knows, maybe it will take off and you can stop working for other people.

Wouldn't that be nice? What will I use the internet for? Not 100% sure. But I can forewarn the average reader, watcher, and listener to absorb (my use of the internet) that I mean no harm. I'm TRULY sorry for things in the past and would like to think I have done more good than bad.

3. Invest % of Paycheck into Market

What are Stocks?

Or as some people joke, STONKS?!? ​

Over the past decade, the ability to put money in the "MARKETS" is more accessible than ever.

What happens when I buy a Stock/Share?

Think of STONKS like Good Faith Tokens.

"Where does my money go?"​

The company you bought shares from gathers your money and others' money. This gives them, (Company Name) more leverage with banks. They can get loans, grants, and access to even greater sums of money. They use your money to improve their business and move the world forward.

I am in no way a financial advisor, but I like the idea and the sentimental phrase of Voting with Your Dollar. Invest in ​things you believe in. Invest in companies you want to see more of. Invest in that (Company's) pursuit of

making the planet a better place,

more entertaining place

more delicious pllace

more supportive place

more competiive place.

Some people invest in renewable energy. Some invest in tech companies that are pushing towards the TRON video game lifestyle we all seem to crave. During the pandemic, people invested in medical companies. This can create a cash influx that can help push research and health advancements to the forefront. Some people believe Gold is the only thing you can trust. All the while, there are people out about hoarding cash in shoe boxes.

When you buy a share of (Company Name), you are participating in the future of the United States, International Trade, The Earth, and thus indirectly yourself. You might as well earn some interest along the

4. Dancing and Fake Laughter

They say fake smiling or fake laughing can lead to the real thing. This behavior is titillating down to the bone. Whether you meditate or read books to calm your soul, do it more frequently. Double down on the blissful. Crank up the volume and shake your hips. Happy energy can turn into a lemniscate before you know it. Once you are on the gravy train of smiles, it's hard to get off. Take me by the hand. I shall show you the promised land.

5. Start Another List

Another day, another list. Another week, another list. A most important rule is don't guilt yourself. Never fret if you don't check the list off or cross things out. At least you made a list. By putting pen to paper, you are demonstrating to yourself, that you care, about yourself. The list is physical evidence that you are forward-thinking. So pull out a piece of paper, now, and rejoice in having goals.

Some of us find ourselves in a sloth-esque loop. Tis' fine. But realize that you and you alone pave your own path. Hopefully, these 5 steps will help you become who you want to be.

At the end of the day, you need to find your key foundation pieces. What is making you better? What is making you worse? Where are your goals and how do you push toward them? This is a basic guide to living in America and is by no means the end all be all list.

I'm not your parent, do what you please.

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

What is the internet?

I don't know.

But I created, and I shared.

Thus, I have contributed?


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I am the 4th Dot
and so can you!

I enjoy building strong relationships.

I want to collaborate with small and big businesses.

Perhaps I can help you.

Perhaps you can help me.

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