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Updated: May 5

Find inspiration from hunks of wood.

You won't just carve a spoon, you will carve out a path to a better you.

Don't underestimate what a spoon can do for you.

“Take a moment to reflect on how useful a spoon is over the course of your life.”

One of the most simplistic tools on earth is the spoon. Some may argue that is it less useful than a fork or a knife. Some may argue that it is the third wheel of utensils. I believe that the spoon is the superior of the three eating instruments. You can scoop, spread, cut, smash, stir, measure, flip, roll, season, smear, and more. It is such an essential part of our daily and weekly lives that it is easy to take it for granted.

So Many Ways to Say Spoon

Cochlea “spiral shell" Greek: Latin Spon “chip of wood" Germanic, Old English

勺子 pronounced: "Sháozi" Chinese Cuchara “spiral shell" Spanish Latin cochleārium I dare you to learn a couple new ways to say Spoon. lŭzhitsa, Supūn, ske, sked, lusikka, Cen̄cā, Cĥxn, lepula, lefl,kaşık, qoshiq, llwy, cái thìa, Läffel, lutu, samsaa, kutsara, kiyè, Camcā, ukhezo, lelepola, spoons...

What do you need to get started?

Chisels, Rasps, Sandpaper, Knife

Step 1: Get a piece of wood Step 2: Cut it into a generic shape outline Step 3: Cut your spoon hole/dip Step 4: Wrasp down and cut off excess Step 5: Sand that spoon smooth with paper

It is really simple to make your own spoon. You can experiment with shape and size at fist. As you get more experienced working with wood, you can start making very intricate designs. At certain point, spoons have become an art form that deserves high praise. Spoons get the people going, and you should be more excited about hand carved spoons. If you own some, you should use them more. Support your local wood worker and buy one at the market.

Safety First

When you first start carving spoons with very sharp tools, you must be focused. Too many times, year after year, I have cut myself on accident. I have gouged fingers, taken out chunks, and bled on my work. Do not be like me. Take your time.

I carved my first spoon on a sunny day next to a camp fire with a crappy knife and piece of soft wood. It was easy soft wood, but not good for longevity. Out of pride, I used my horrible jangled spoon for the whole meal struggling with each bite. After that experience, I knew I was addicted and must get better tools. I knew I must buy better wood. I knew that spoon carving would be something I do for the rest of my life, and it should be part of yours.

Spoon Collecting

People collect cars, bowling balls, Christmas ornaments, and sports memorabilia. People come in different shapes and sizes, and their interest vary in the most interesting and bizarre ways. If you ever have a chance, you should take a look at the spoon collectible market. Some people are addicted to spoons, and are willing to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on them.

Most Expensive Spoon

The world's most expensive spoon made out of silver. Not gold or made of crystal, but that simple shinny metal we call silver. Back in 2021, some spoons'man dropped $32,500 at Heritage Auctions for a Hand engraved. That seems like way too much money for a single spoon, but there is a very important question that you must ask... Who made the spoon? Paul Revere, Jr. in 1790

Pretty remarkable. Mr. 'The British are Coming' was a spoon maker alongside his father if I am not mistaken. He made other things besides spoons as well though.

Spoon Coffee Mug

I am a he/him that appreciates clever ideas and the diversitility of every day inventions. Perhaps this Sproom and Mork coffee mug is the goofy goblet you have been looking for your whole life. I personally love stirring my early morning cup of joe with a spoon. Don't you?

Back in the dark someone invented the Spork. Spoon + Fork. I though this spoof invention was absolutely genius. But, some inventions aren't embraced by the public as widly as they should. Soon people came out with the Sprife. Spoon + Knife. But if you actually used one you would cut the sides of your mouth because... you know... its also a knife. So I have invented a much more important tool. It is for those who need to clean up the floor, and also clean up the rest of the food on their plate. The Sproom! Of course, this led me to my next invention which is the Mork. Get yourself this awesome one of a kind mug in my shop and drink up!

Spoon Carving Provides Piece and Quiet

Part of spoon carving culture is about the calm. Most people enjoy making and creating art not only for the exploration mentally, but for the escape from the busy outside world. One of the main reasons I started carving spoons was because I wanted to quietly work with my hands. Jumping on a party wheel is nice, but you need a wheel, clay, and the willingness to make a mess. Painting is enjoyable, but all the paints, the canvas, the brushes, and of course there is always a mess. But spoon carving can be so simple. Wood + Knife if you want to start simple and go from there. It is one of the best and easiest hobbies to start whether you are an adult or a child. Everyone should be carving spoons. Take some time this month to carve a spoon and bring some zen and calm into your life.

If you want me to carve you a spoon, it would be an absolute honor. I have carved dozens and dozens over my lifetime and sometimes they are in my shop. I used various woods, make them in various sizes, and even made a spoon rack once. Reach out to me if you would like something specific or you can just throw trust to the wind and I'll get to carving. But most importantly, I would love for you to carve you own, and then tell me how it went.

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

What is the internet?

I don't know.

But I created, and I shared.

Thus, I have contributed?


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