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Updated: May 5

Miss Trunchbull is a monster. Yes.

But within every character, there is always something to learn. Right?

Ever hear a teacher/parent complain about 'kids these days?

Perhaps... for a moment...

A little more of Miss Trunchbull, might be what we need.

1. Posture

She was always telling kids to stand up straight. Chins up! Pay attention. She commanded the classroom like the king of the jungle. "Grow faster!" If you watch the movie, all the children were always on high alert absorbing all information at 90-100%. Wow. If only our schools weren't so slouchy? Then things would be better? Right? (Finger wag~)

2. Fitness.

She was a 1972 Olympic athlete. Shotput! Javelin~ and The Hammer Throw. Talk about an emphasis on being healthier and pushing your body to the limit. Why not start looking at this Olympian with an open mind and appreciate her years of dedication. We revere modern bodybuilders and strong men, yet we hate this woman who lifted a car and spun it around? She is a testament to pushing the human body and pushing feminine stereotypes. Just in case you're not into throwing darts, children, or big balls, you should at least take a note from Trunchbull by

getting up,

getting out,

and getting that tushy active.

3. Vocabulary Choices.

Miss Trunchbul was a walking thesaurus. She stomped those boars over the whole dictionary. The words that rolled off her lizard tongue were intelligent and always annunciated with power and clarity. We should be emulating her pursuit for vocabulary variety and expand our day-to-day lexicon.

Ooze. Foist. Blistering. Slothful. Villainous. Malignant. Putrescent.

Hot damn she knew how to twist a phrase.

Demented Drooling Slime Breath!

You should also ramp up your day-to-day vocabulary.

Spice Up Your Speech

4. Reverse Psychology

The moment America's-sweetheart-Miss-Honey learned of Matilda's hyper-intelligence, she approached Miss Trunchbull. Like any good-hearted teacher, she wanted the best for her students.

[When most teachers approach their boss, it is always coupled with a complaint, a need, or a want. Rarely do teachers go to the top-dog-office to chill or hang out.]

Miss Trunchbull knew this and was able to turn the tides on Miss Honey. She was able to immediately flip Miss Honey's need/want, and ultimately motivated Miss Honey to go above and beyond for Matilda. Rewatch this scene.

Miss Trunchbull calls Miss Honey- Slothful Cowardice.

then says...

"The distance the shotput goes, depends on the Effort YOU Put Into It. Perspiration!"

It is easy to watch this scene from a different perspective, but The Trunch'Master was ultimately the spark, that lit, thee fire, for Miss Honey to become a heroic success. She gave my hero -Miss Honey- an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

5. Expectations

When you look at this picture, you will notice Student Duties.

If you read them one by one, they might surprise you. Expectations were clear-cut and simple.


Obey Your Teacher

Sit Straight

Be Quiet

Pay Attention

Do Homework

Salute the Headmistress

Raise Hand For Question

Arrive on Time

Dress Properly

Obey Headmistress

Animals in Cages


A majority of people/teachers agree with a majority of these rules. Not all. But most. Some of us could use a little more FIRM direction in our lives.

"You must have some more?"

Teachers today are







starting new,


and just plain living.

The classroom can be wild and SOMETIMES needs an alpha to keep it on track.

Theory is nice, but Trunchbull got stuff done.

Some teachers party hardy on the weekends. Others sit on their back porch and throw a tennis ball at their dog for hours. Most teachers ask whether you have seen that Sir Robinson's Ted talk. School employees are amazing, not going to argue against them, but Miss Trunchbull deserves her day in the sun. No children died. That we know of.

Who else is gonna straighten out all 'these crazy kids today?'

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

What is the internet?

I don't know.

But I created, and I shared.

Thus, I have contributed?


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