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You need a New You?

Start Embracing Mysticism for
Mental Prosperity

~ Spirits ~ Zodiac Signs ~ Crystals ~ Spells ~ Energy Levels ~ Chakra ~

Source Energy Hand Of God Brain and Illuminati Eye with Pyramid

You need to tap back in. Reset. Try a new avenue.

Always elevate your mind's eye. Our thoughts POSITIVE & NEGATIVE energies lead us through life with a butterfly affect mysticism that is sometime unexplainable.


As you look to the future, i suggest you initiate a new avenue for positivity, you will benefit from the wisdom of a


Embrace the Barnum Effect... 

The Barnum Effect is a phenomena where people are willing to accept generalized information. People relate this concept with an idea of being gullible. 

Fortune Tellers are a perfect example of Barnum'ism in the real world.  Some people avoid tarot cards healing crystals, and horoscopes, but I disagree. I think you should double down on mystical energies from beyond. 

make it a habit, and look UP

Some people turn to religion for their answers. Many of them have served humanity well for hundreds of years. But, I believe this year, you should be looking to what claim to be the unexplainable supernatural powers that are cosmically flowing through us every day. 

Palm Reading
Healing Crystals

Moon Signs
Burn Some Sage
Hold a Seance 

It doesn't matter what you do, or what approach you take, just try one. Try them all. All of these techniques or procedures are a way to find

your source energy.

Relection Tools Hand Pressure Points, Cyrstals, and Horriscopes

Everything is Up for Interpretation

This year, write down results, record your past, and write down your desired future. Linking this life list to cards may finally help you find success. Not all card reads bring forth answers that you want to hear, but the cards present themselves as a catalyst for self-reflection. 

Moon, Sun, Stars

When you were born can be considered the most important thing for how you should self-reflect.

Your Body is made up of 60% Water. 

Water holds energy, 

Water is affected by gravity.

Your body is energetically connected to the moon, earth, planets, stars and the sun.

As we travel through outer space,

you need to tap into your inner space.

Harnes Your Spirit Animal

Whether you believe it or not, we share DNA with creatures from all over the world. If you take the time, you can benefit from understanding who you are in relation to the other living organism on mother Gaia.  Every animal spirit has their quirks. Just remember to be mindful.

Your Spirit Animal's Journey

Once you have learned about your spirit animal, or have chosen your spirit animal, it is time to push forward. How do you and your animal interact with the world, approach obstacles, and what is the end goal. Some animals are on the attack while others focus on survival, play, or building. 

Spirit Animal Manifestations

Your animal can be your guide to interpreting external events that come to you or that you pursue yourself.  This does not mean act like your animal, though that would be funny. Manifest its qualities and navigate your life with more confidence and ease of faith.
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What are you?

Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, or Pisces?

I used to be skeptical about the idea of my moon or rising sun sign. But, then I realized, that taking a moment to embracing the unknown is exactly how I should be approaching self improvement. We are chaotically floating throughout the galaxy and our physical world without a guide and wondering why things happen to us or what we should do next. 

It's time for you to take a look at your birth chart, and embrace yourself through horoscopes. Leave your skepticism behind like I did. It will change your life.

Horoscopes and undertanding yourself. Swords, hard, Sun, Compass, Lovers
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I am the 4th Dot
and so can you!

I enjoy building strong relationships.

I want to collaborate with small and big businesses.

Perhaps I can help you.

Perhaps you can help me.

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