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Updated: May 5

Maine should embrace marketing by reverting back to the old minimalistic flag and should leave its current flag behind.

We have a Flag Fight?

If you have driven around the neighborhoods or kept a keen eye on apparel, you may have noticed the old Maine Flag making a comeback. People are going crazy about the old minimalist green tree and true blue star. Something about the combo makes them perfect for shirts, hats, and flags.

Current State Flag

Dirigo, which is Latin for “I Lead", is a large component in the current flag. The classic green pine tree is still incorporated, but also accompanied by a moose relaxing by a body of water. This symbolizes the importance of nature from the sea to the forest. The shield is surrounded by two men, a farmer, and a seaman. This symbolizes the importance of the state's agricultural and fishing culture throughout its history. Our current flag is filled with good stuff. Thumbs up.


Though the details are well thought out, the public ranked our current blue bed-sheet-esque-flag as ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S WORST. Bottom of the barrel!

Perhaps the crest doesn't pull in the eye, doesn't make people second looks. The Green tree minimalism feels like a modern graphic designer touch.

Perhaps going back in time to the old flag, could bring us forward into the future? A reset, then in a hundred years we Turn to the True blue now!

Too Similar

Others claim that our current flag looks too much like flags from Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire, Montana, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and more. No other state has a flag that looks like the Greentree and Blue Star.

But why did the state transition away from the pine tree/north star older yet more hip design (1901-1909), to the new Blue flag with two dudes and coat of arms style (1909-present)? Hard to say.


A flag company named Original Maine, started producing the old flag, says "we are in need of a good symbol we can take beyond our borders.”

Other companies have followed suit and are producing t-shirts, hats, and more memorabilia. It is extremely difficult to find anybody hanging the current flag in front of their homes. When looking, it is difficult to impossible to see anybody wearing the current Maine state flag on a t-shirt. Even senator Susan Collins has been seen wearing a face mask with the old state of Maine flag on it!

Is it interesting that a current government official won't represent the current flag but will represent the old flag? Isn't that a telltale sign that the state should revert back to the old flag and leave the current one in the dust?


Recently, there have been multiple proposals and even bills proposed to reinstate the old flag. Despite the effort to push this through, there was a surprising amount of support to keep the current flag. Perhaps it is modern culture taking over with a mindset based on profits. The current flag has amazing details but doesn't visually look like the marketing styles of the present day. The old flag can easily be compared to the Nike swoosh, McDonald's arches, and other famous brands. Perhaps bringing the old flag back could be a more profitable future when applied to shirts, hats, signs, stickers, and peer social recognition on a national scale.

Let your freak flag fly!


For the sake of taking flags a moment farther.

Flags can be seen and can be hated.

Symbols can change meanings.

WHAT LOOKS GOOD OR COOL NOW, Can easily be hated later by others in the future.

Flying Any Flag Can Be Chancy

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

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