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Updated: May 5

Answers at bottom


Aged bovine fluid

Gardeners cornucopia

Assorted fleshes

Perhaps festive dancing

That's a wrap


RIP in luxury

Home of the hybrids and first graffiti

Where am I?


Black on white

Blue and red lines

Cool to the touch

Sliding and flying

Toward a mesh home

Celebrate with horns


Lord of the rings

I'm the tortoise in the race to the sky

Don't choke without me


Bovine but no ring in my nose

Earth fire and water got nothing on air

Want to put some money on it?

Teammate to the animated


I'm the head of a Trinity

We sleep in the dark

Beware my partner in crime

I was born in China

I made of metal plastic or wood

I look like chicken feet

I'm a dirty boy and need washing after use.


King of the bramble

Death between thieves

Hydrophobic feet

Necromancer extraordinaire

Not that popular, only 12 followers

Did you read my book


Though named claw,

I ply my trade with

Fork tongue and split hoof.

I walk in the shadow of young Mikulas,

Yet am old as Hel itself.

Two sides of the same coin,

My sack is filled with screams.


In feeding 3 shining birds,

I traded viands for favor.

When I became a father,

He added two letters to my name.

Saving my cousin from fire,

His wife was sacrificed to the salted sea.

With fear and trembling, I held the knife,

But did not hesitate.

In the rocky realm, I shall forever rest.


I like it when you put your lips on me.

Clear, Brown, Blue, Green, and more.

Sometimes I hold handwritten notes.


People love making me.

I can be frail, but I prefer to be bendy.

Some people use a spoon to spin.


Click Click Click Click Click.

"Hey, can you stop that?"


Holes, but not all the way through

Various weights


What's your handicap for the league?

Throw me please.

1 answer : Burrito

2 answer : Egypt

3 answer : Hockey Puck

4 answer : Tree

5 answer : Michael Jordan

6 answer : Fork

7 answer : Jesus

8 answer : Abraham

9 answer : Krampus

10 answer : Bottle

11 answer : Noodles

12 answer: Pen

13 answer: Bowling Ball

If you made it this far... MERP DERP!

What is the internet?

I don't know.

But I created, and I shared.

Thus, I have contributed?


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I am the 4th Dot
and so can you!

I enjoy building strong relationships.

I want to collaborate with small and big businesses.

Perhaps I can help you.

Perhaps you can help me.

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